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WRT350N External Serial

I got my hands on a bricked WRT350N router was trying different magic trying to flash a new firmware and get it working. I was trying to connect it to a serial console when I realized that on the WAN port in the back, on the opposite side of the RJ-45 jack there were 4 pins... named UR1 UR2 UR3 UR3... that got me thinking, could those be for a serial connection Linksys started including in their new routers??

Opening the case up and tracing the 4 pins to the internal serial connection terminals proved that they were indeed for a serial connection. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Router closeup

Router closeup

Now I just have to figure out where to get a RJ-45 jack that has the pins on the opposite side so I can hook it up without soldering my own ghetto RJ-45/Serial jack. Let me know if anyone know where to find such a RJ-45 Jack.